Class SingleShotLinearTimer

  • public class SingleShotLinearTimer
    extends Object
    This class provides a very stripped-down clone of some of the functionality in java.util.Timer (notably Timer.schedule(TimerTask task, long delay) but uses System.nanoTime() rather than System.currentTimeMillis() as a measure of the underlying time, and thus behaves correctly if the system clock jumps around. This class does not have any relation to TimerTask due to the coupling between TimerTask and Timer - for example if someone invokes TimerTask.cancel(), we can't find out about it as TimerTask.state is package-private. We currently just use this to time the quiescing RPC in AMQChannel. Will be removed in next major release.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SingleShotLinearTimer

        public SingleShotLinearTimer()
    • Method Detail

      • schedule

        public void schedule​(Runnable task,
                             int timeoutMillisec)
      • cancel

        public void cancel()