Class DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

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public class DnsRecordIpAddressResolver extends Object implements AddressResolver
AddressResolver that resolves DNS record IPs. Uses InetAddress internally. The first returned address is used when automatic recovery is NOT enabled at the ConnectionFactory level. When automatic recovery is enabled, a random address will be picked up from the returned list of Addresses.
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    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver(String hostname, int port, boolean ssl)
    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver(String hostname, int port)
    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver()
    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver(String hostname)
    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver(Address address)
    • DnsRecordIpAddressResolver

      public DnsRecordIpAddressResolver(Address address, boolean ssl)
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