Class DnsSrvRecordAddressResolver

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public class DnsSrvRecordAddressResolver extends Object implements AddressResolver
AddressResolver that resolves addresses against a DNS SRV request. SRV records contain the hostname and the port for a given service. They also support priorities, to give precedence to a given host over other hosts. Note the hosts returned by the SRV query must be resolvable by the DNS servers of the underlying platform (or the default ones specified for this Java process). This class does not issue a query for A records after the SRV query. This implementation returns the highest-priority records first. This behavior can be changed by overriding the sort method. This implementation uses internally the com.sun.jndi.dns.DnsContextFactory class for the DNS query. The first returned address is used when automatic recovery is NOT enabled at the ConnectionFactory level. When automatic recovery is enabled, a random address will be picked up from the returned list of Addresses.