Interface MetricsCollector

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMetricsCollector, MicrometerMetricsCollector, NoOpMetricsCollector, OpenTelemetryMetricsCollector, StandardMetricsCollector

public interface MetricsCollector
Interface to gather execution data of the client. Note transactions are not supported: they deal with publishing and acknowledgments and the collector contract assumes then that published messages and acks sent in a transaction are always counted, even if the transaction is rolled back.
  • Method Details

    • newConnection

      void newConnection(Connection connection)
    • closeConnection

      void closeConnection(Connection connection)
    • newChannel

      void newChannel(Channel channel)
    • closeChannel

      void closeChannel(Channel channel)
    • basicPublish

      void basicPublish(Channel channel)
    • basicPublishFailure

      default void basicPublishFailure(Channel channel, Throwable cause)
    • basicPublishAck

      default void basicPublishAck(Channel channel, long deliveryTag, boolean multiple)
    • basicPublishNack

      default void basicPublishNack(Channel channel, long deliveryTag, boolean multiple)
    • basicPublishUnrouted

      default void basicPublishUnrouted(Channel channel)
    • consumedMessage

      void consumedMessage(Channel channel, long deliveryTag, boolean autoAck)
    • consumedMessage

      void consumedMessage(Channel channel, long deliveryTag, String consumerTag)
    • basicAck

      void basicAck(Channel channel, long deliveryTag, boolean multiple)
    • basicNack

      void basicNack(Channel channel, long deliveryTag)
    • basicReject

      void basicReject(Channel channel, long deliveryTag)
    • basicConsume

      void basicConsume(Channel channel, String consumerTag, boolean autoAck)
    • basicCancel

      void basicCancel(Channel channel, String consumerTag)