Interface ShutdownNotifier

All Known Subinterfaces:
Channel, Connection, RecoverableChannel, RecoverableConnection
All Known Implementing Classes:
AMQChannel, AMQConnection, AutorecoveringChannel, AutorecoveringConnection, ChannelN, RecoveryAwareAMQConnection, RecoveryAwareChannelN, ShutdownNotifierComponent

public interface ShutdownNotifier
Interface for components that are shutdown capable and that allow listeners to be added for shutdown signals
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  • Method Details

    • addShutdownListener

      void addShutdownListener(ShutdownListener listener)
      Add shutdown listener. If the component is already closed, handler is fired immediately
      listener - ShutdownListener to the component
    • removeShutdownListener

      void removeShutdownListener(ShutdownListener listener)
      Remove shutdown listener for the component.
      listener - ShutdownListener to be removed
    • getCloseReason

      ShutdownSignalException getCloseReason()
      Get the shutdown reason object
      ShutdownSignalException if component is closed, null otherwise
    • notifyListeners

      void notifyListeners()
      Protected API - notify the listeners attached to the component
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    • isOpen

      boolean isOpen()
      Determine whether the component is currently open. Will return false if we are currently closing. Checking this method should be only for information, because of the race conditions - state can change after the call. Instead just execute and try to catch ShutdownSignalException and IOException
      true when component is open, false otherwise