Class ProtocolVersionMismatchException

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    public class ProtocolVersionMismatchException
    extends ProtocolException
    Thrown to indicate that the server does not support the wire protocol version we requested immediately after opening the TCP socket.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ProtocolVersionMismatchException

        public ProtocolVersionMismatchException​(Version clientVersion,
                                                Version serverVersion)
    • Method Detail

      • getClientVersion

        public Version getClientVersion()
        The client's AMQP specification version.
      • getServerVersion

        public Version getServerVersion()
        The server's AMQP specification version.
      • getClientMajor

        public int getClientMajor()
        The client's AMQP specification major version.
      • getClientMinor

        public int getClientMinor()
        The client's AMQP specification minor version.
      • getServerMajor

        public int getServerMajor()
        The server's AMQP specification major version.
      • getServerMinor

        public int getServerMinor()
        The server's AMQP specification minor version.