Class Envelope


public class Envelope extends Object
Encapsulates a group of parameters used for AMQP's Basic methods
  • Constructor Details

    • Envelope

      public Envelope(long deliveryTag, boolean redeliver, String exchange, String routingKey)
      Construct an Envelope with the specified construction parameters
      deliveryTag - the delivery tag
      redeliver - true if this is a redelivery following a failed ack
      exchange - the exchange used for the current operation
      routingKey - the associated routing key
  • Method Details

    • getDeliveryTag

      public long getDeliveryTag()
      Get the delivery tag included in this parameter envelope
      the delivery tag
    • isRedeliver

      public boolean isRedeliver()
      Get the redelivery flag included in this parameter envelope. This is a hint as to whether this message may have been delivered before (but not acknowledged). If the flag is not set, the message definitely has not been delivered before. If it is set, it may have been delivered before.
      the redelivery flag
    • getExchange

      public String getExchange()
      Get the name of the exchange included in this parameter envelope
      the exchange
    • getRoutingKey

      public String getRoutingKey()
      Get the routing key included in this parameter envelope
      the routing key
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object