Interface Command

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    public interface Command
    Interface to a container for an AMQP method-and-arguments, with optional content header and body.
    • Method Detail

      • getMethod

        Method getMethod()
        Retrieves the Method held within this Command. Downcast to concrete (implementation-specific!) subclasses as necessary.
        the command's method.
      • getContentHeader

        ContentHeader getContentHeader()
        Retrieves the ContentHeader subclass instance held as part of this Command, if any. Downcast to one of the inner classes of AMQP, for instance AMQP.BasicProperties, as appropriate.
        the Command's ContentHeader, or null if none
      • getContentBody

        byte[] getContentBody()
        Retrieves the body byte array that travelled as part of this Command, if any.
        the Command's content body, or null if none