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Base class for MetricsCollector.
A representation of network addresses, i.e.
Strategy interface to get the potential servers to connect to.
Thrown when application tries to perform an action on connection/channel which was already closed
Base class modelling an AMQ channel.
AMQP 0-9-1-specific implementation of Command which accumulates method, header and body from a series of frames, unless these are supplied at construction time.
Concrete class representing and managing an AMQP connection to a broker.
Implementation of ContentHeader - specialized by autogenerated code in
Thrown when the broker refuses access due to an authentication failure.
Channel implementation that is automatically recovered during connection recovery.
Connection implementation that performs automatic recovery when connection shutdown is not initiated by the application (e.g.
Backoff policy for topology recovery retry attempts.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of connection block events.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of connection block and unblock events.
Simple one-shot IPC mechanism.
Bridge between NioQueue and JDK's BlockingQueue.
Enum for built-in exchange types.
Contract to create ByteBuffers.
Bridge between the byte buffer and stream worlds.
Callback interface to be notified of the cancellation of a consumer.
Interface to a channel.
Exception thrown when a channel times out on a continuation during a RPC call.
Manages a set of channels, indexed by channel number (1.._channelMax).
Main interface to AMQP protocol functionality.
Publicly available Client Version information
Interface to a container for an AMQP method-and-arguments, with optional content header and body.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of Confirm events.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of Confirm events.
Public API: Interface to an AMQ connection.
Convenience factory class to facilitate opening a Connection to a RabbitMQ node.
Helper class to load ConnectionFactory settings from a property file.
Interface for application callback objects to receive notifications and messages from a queue by subscription.
Not part of the public API.
Callback interface to be notified when either the consumer channel or the underlying connection has been shut down.
Public API for abstract AMQP content header objects.
Parses an AMQP wire-protocol ContentHeader from a DataInputStream.
Generates an AMQP wire-protocol packet from a ContentHeader.
Provides equivalent security to PLAIN but demos use of Connection.Secure(Ok) START-OK: Username SECURE: "Please tell me your password" SECURE-OK: Password
Provider interface for establishing credentials for connecting to the broker.
Provider interface to refresh credentials when appropriate and perform an operation once the credentials have been renewed.
Default ByteBufferFactory that creates heap-based ByteBuffers.
Convenience class providing a default implementation of Consumer.
Default implementation of a CredentialsProvider which simply holds a static username and password.
Scheduling-based implementation of CredentialsRefreshService.
Default implementation of ExceptionHandler used by AMQConnection.
Composable topology recovery retry handler.
Default SASL configuration.
Callback interface to be notified when a message is delivered.
Encapsulates an arbitrary message - simple "bean" holder structure.
AddressResolver that resolves DNS record IPs.
AddressResolver that resolves addresses against a DNS SRV request.
Encapsulates a group of parameters used for AMQP's Basic methods
Infers information about the execution environment, e.g.
Listener called when a connection gets an IO error trying to write on the socket.
Interface to an exception-handling object.
The EXTERNAL auth mechanism
An implementation of ExceptionHandler that does not close channels on unhandled consumer and listener exception.
Represents an AMQP wire-protocol frame, with frame type, channel number, and payload bytes.
Class to create AMQP frames from a ReadableByteChannel.
Interface to a frame handler.
Encapsulates the response from a Channel.basicGet(java.lang.String, boolean) message-retrieval method call - essentially a static bean "holder" with message response data.
A class for allocating integers from a given range that uses a BitSet representation of the free integers.
JsonRpcMapper based on Jackson.
Implementation of SaslConfig that uses the JDK SASL implementation.
Use a third-party JSON library, e.g.
JSON-RPC is a lightweight RPC mechanism using JSON as a data language for request and reply messages.
Thrown when a JSON-RPC service indicates an error occurred during a call.
Abstraction to handle JSON parsing and generation.
JSON-RPC Server class.
Use a third-party JSON library, e.g.
Utility methods for working with JSON objects in Java.
Use a third-party JSON library, e.g.
Simple implementation of AddressResolver that returns a fixed list.
TrafficListener that logs Command at TRACE level.
An object providing access to a LongString.
Utility for working with LongStrings.
Encapsulates a frame format error at the wire level.
Subclass of RpcServer which uses AMQP wire-format encoded tables as requests and replies.
Constant holder class with useful static instances of AMQContentHeader.
Base class for AMQP method objects, specialized by autogenerated code in
Public interface to objects representing an AMQP 0-9-1 method
Parses AMQP wire-protocol Method arguments from a DataInputStream.
Generates AMQP wire-protocol encoded arguments.
Interface to gather execution data of the client.
Micrometer implementation of MetricsCollector.
Encapsulates an exception indicating that the connection has missed too many heartbeats and is being shut down.
Context when creating resources for a NIO-based connection.
Logic of the NIO loop.
Parameters used to configure the NIO mode of a ConnectionFactory.
Contract to exchange frame between application threads and NIO thread.
A CredentialsProvider that performs an OAuth 2 Client Credentials flow to retrieve a token.
OpenTelemetry implementation of MetricsCollector.
Description of a single JSON-RPC procedure parameter.
The PLAIN auth mechanism
Thrown when the likely cause is an authentication failure.
Description of a single JSON-RPC procedure.
Thrown to indicate that the server does not support the wire protocol version we requested immediately after opening the TCP socket.
Not part of the public API.
Provides a way to register (network, AMQP 0-9-1) connection recovery callbacks.
Convenient interface when working against auto-recovery channels.
Convenient interface when working against auto-recovery connections.
Functional callback interface that can be used to rename a queue during topology recovery.
AMQConnection modification that uses RecoveryAwareChannelN
ChannelN modification that keeps track of delivery tags and avoids sending
Used internally to indicate when connection recovery can begin.
A RecoveryDelayHandler is used to tell automatic recovery how long to sleep between reconnect attempts.
Basic implementation of RecoveryDelayHandler that returns the network recovery interval each time.
Backoff implementation of RecoveryDelayHandler that uses the Fibonacci sequence (by default) to increase the recovery delay time after each failed attempt.
A RecoveryListener receives notifications about completed automatic connection recovery.
An abstract CredentialsProvider that does not let token refresh happen concurrently.
The context of a topology recovery retry operation.
Contract to retry failed operations during topology recovery.
The retry of a retried topology recovery operation.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of failed deliveries when basicPublish is called with "mandatory" or "immediate" flags set.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of failed deliveries when basicPublish is called with "mandatory" or "immediate" flags set.
Convenience class which manages simple RPC-style communication.
The response object is an envelope that contains all of the data provided to the `handleDelivery` consumer
Holder class to configure a RpcClient.
Class which manages a request queue for a simple RPC-style service.
This interface represents a hook to allow you to control how exactly a sasl client is selected during authentication.
Our own view of a SASL authentication mechanism, introduced to remove a dependency on
This interface exists as a workaround for the annoyingness of java.lang.Cloneable.
Description of a JSON-RPC service.
A generic queue-like implementation (supporting operations addIfNotPresent, poll, contains, and isEmpty) which restricts a queue element to appear at most once.
A ShutdownListener receives information about the shutdown of connections and channels.
Interface for components that are shutdown capable and that allow listeners to be added for shutdown signals
A class that manages ShutdownListeners and remembers the reason for a shutdown.
Encapsulates a shutdown condition for a connection to an AMQP broker.
Ready-to-use instances and builder for SocketChannelConfigurator.
Ready-to-use instances and builder for SocketConfigurator.
A socket-based frame handler.
A factory to create SSLContexts.
Bridge between the byte buffer and stream worlds.
Ready-to-use instances and builder for SslEngineConfigurators.
Sub-class of FrameBuilder that unwraps crypted data from the network.
Dropwizard Metrics implementation of MetricsCollector.
An implementation of ExceptionHandler that does close channels on unhandled consumer exception.
Subclass of RpcServer which accepts UTF-8 string requests.
Utility to extract information from X509 certificates.
Indicates an exception thrown during topology recovery.
Filter to know whether entities should be recovered or not.
Builder to ease creation of DefaultRetryHandler instances.
Useful ready-to-use conditions and operations for DefaultRetryHandler.
Contract to log outbound and inbound Commands.
Utility stream: proxies another stream, making it appear to be no longer than a preset limit.
Convenience class providing a default implementation of X509TrustManager.
Implement this interface in order to be notified of connection unblock events.
Thrown when the command parser hits an unexpected frame type.
Indicates that a Method object was supplied that was not expected.
Thrown when the protocol handlers detect an unknown class number or method number.
Exception thrown when a RPC request isn't routed to any queue.
Catch-all holder class for static helper methods.
Helper class to read AMQP wire-protocol encoded values.
Helper class to generate AMQP wire-protocol encoded values.
A clone of LinkedBlockingQueue with the addition of a VariableLinkedBlockingQueue.setCapacity(int) method, allowing us to change the capacity of the queue while it is in use.
Encapsulation of AMQP protocol version
This is a generic implementation of the channels specification in Channeling Work, Nov 2010 (channels.pdf).
Exception thrown when WorkPool enqueueing times out.